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  • John Lennon & Paul McCartney - Los Angeles 1974 (CD, SBD)


    John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder & Harry Nilsson all jam live at the Burbank Studios, Los Angeles, CA. 3/28/74.(CD).  Soundboard Source. Includes Jewel Case, Quality Photo Inserts and Disc Imaging.

    The story behind how this session came to be is amazing. In short, Paul & Linda McCartney, having just released their very successful "Band On The Run" album, spontaneously payed a visit to the apartment at the Dakota in NYC where John & Yoko lived. Yoko informed them that John was on his "Lost Weekend" out in Los.Angeles. As the 3 of them visited, Yoko explained the situation. Paul simply asked her if she still loved him. Paul & Linda decided they were going to deliver this message from Yoko in person and so they flew to Los Angeles. After having caught up a bit. and Paul having delivered Yoko's message, they began a short jam session at the Burbank Studios. Although not as long a session as one would have hoped, it is abundantly clear that the 2 men are truly enjoying playing together again. The historical significance of this CD can't be measured. It would be the last time Lennon and McCartney would perform together. It is a CD you will want to listen to over and over again.