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  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1978 Unreleased Nashville LP (2 CD's)


    Five years prior to Stevie Ray Vaughan's debut release "Texas Flood", he and his band Double Trouble, (which at the time included Blues Vocalist Extraordinaire, Lou Ann Barton), went into Belmont Studio in Nashville, TN. and recorded 10 tracks for what was going to be their first release. Unhappy with the tracks, the album was shelved and soon after, Lou Ann Barton left the group. It took five years for Stevie Ray to go back into the studio, this time not sharing the lead vocals, and record his debut release. What is contained in the ten 1978 Nashville tracks is nothing short of amazing. Why this album was never released is truly puzzling. Stevie Ray and Lou Ann's vocals are stunning and one is left wondering why she would ever decide to leave this incredible band. Also included in this 2 CD set are live tracks from 1978 & 1979 that again leave you wondering why it took so long for us to catch on to SRV. (2 CD's). Soundboard Source. Includes Jewel Case, Quality Photo Art and Disc Imaging.